OIL/GAS STEAM BOILER - Cơ khí MPT | mptmeco.com

OIL/GAS STEAM BOILER - Cơ khí MPT | mptmeco.com

OIL/GAS STEAM BOILER - Cơ khí MPT | mptmeco.com

OIL/GAS STEAM BOILER - Cơ khí MPT | mptmeco.com

OIL/GAS STEAM BOILER - Cơ khí MPT | mptmeco.com
OIL/GAS STEAM BOILER - Cơ khí MPT | mptmeco.com
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Rated Capacity: 0.5~10t/h Rated Pressure: 0.7 ~1.6Mpa Fuel: heavy oil, diesel oil, natural gas, LPG, city gas, etc. Application: textile industry, food & beverage industry, wood processing industry, etc
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Oil/gas steam boiler is a kind of high thermal efficiency (98%) boiler with full automatic control system. It is three-pass packaged fired tube boiler with wet back structure. Compared with water tube boiler, fire tube boiler has the advantages of compact structure, strong load adaptability, and lower requirement for water quality.

Automatic Burner
Oil gas fire tube boiler equipped with international famous brand automatic burner, could automatic control on combustion, water feeding, water temperature, and over pressure, etc. The burner could burn oil, gas, or dual fuel. have the advantages of high quality, high combustion efficiency (99%), low NOx emission, and low gas consumption when atomizing. Moreover, users could designate the burner brand.

1. High thermal efficiency(98%) and energy saving

Adopts large diameter corrugate furnace and spirally corrugated tube, high heat transfer efficiency. By equipping with economizer or condenser, to achieve a high thermal efficiency.

2. Enough Heating Power

Large heating area, absorbs heat sufficiently, low exhaust gas temperature, small heat loss, ensure enough heating power and high efficiency.

3. Advanced automatic control

Equipped with PLC full automatic control cabinet and interlock protection program, operate safely and conveniently.

4. Convenient for maintenance

1) There man hole and hand hold device on boiler, convenient for boiler inside installation, inspect and bottom clean.
2) The doors of front and back smoke chambers are movable, convenient for maintenance. 

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Đặc điểm : Kiểu lò nằm, thiết kế phù hợp để đốt đốt đa nhiên liệu, hiệu quả cao.
Công suất: 500kg/h - 20 tân/h
Nguyên liệu đốt : Mùn cưa, gỗ băm, trấu rời, than cám Indo, bả điều, . . .
Vertical Gas/Oil Steam Boiler

Vertical Gas/Oil Steam Boiler

This boiler is three-pass steam boiler with top-fired burner. The flame can completely spread from the top to the bottom and burn sufficiently. The fuel can be LPG, natural gas, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, etc. It can be wildly used in textile industries, food industries, rubber industries, paper industries, etc.
Rate capacity : 0.3 - 1 ton/hr
Pressure:Up to 1.3Mpa.
Oil/gas Steam boiler - High pressure

Oil/gas Steam boiler - High pressure

Công suất : 5 - 10 TPH.
Áp suất làm việc : 15 - 25 bar.
Nhiên liệu đốt : dầu DO, gas LPG, CNG.
Kiểu lò : Lò hơi tổ hợp ống nước hai balon.